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The letters do not change???

от PrettyJade, 26 септември 2016

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ginnerzapata (Покажи профила) 26 април 2017, 21:20:14

I'm having the same proble here.. malgajo.gif.. the bad thing is this, i can't get my full score if i dont type it right.. any suggestion?

chyckadee (Покажи профила) 28 април 2017, 00:50:30

For me it works sometimes and I end up copying from when its working. Its a pain tho and I wish I could figure out why it works sometimes and not others. (I'm on a Windows PC in chrome.)

Roch (Покажи профила) 28 април 2017, 05:03:20

Por skribi la ĝustajn Esperanto-literojn kun la supersignoj aktivigu la butonon "Klavaro" supre de la paĝo, se ĝi ankoraŭ ne estas aktivigita, kaj tajpu laŭ la : cx → ĉ, gx → ĝ, hx → ĥ, jx → ĵ, sx → ŝ, ux → ŭ. La iksoj aŭtomate konvertiĝos dum via tajpado al la koncernaj literoj kun supersignoj.
You have to follow the same sequence... first, click the area you want to write into, then "Klavero" X·^ then come back in the area you want to write into, with the x-method!

Arubinu (Покажи профила) 06 май 2017, 23:18:07

Hello, I find that the code responsible for transcribing these characters no longer works when we want to try again after the exercise validated.

It is possible that the event is deleted or that the input area is regenerated without this event ...

Mr_D_Medina (Покажи профила) 12 май 2017, 02:10:55

Hello, everyone.
I tried typing the "special" letters in many ways. I've followed the instructions on the app and the ones posted in this forum. However, I can't get the keyboard to work (the letter+x to change).
For the record, I use the Lernu app on my LG G4.
Is there an Esperanto keyboard app/plug-in I can use?
Thanks in advance.

Urho (Покажи профила) 12 май 2017, 20:21:24

For the record, I use the Lernu app on my LG G4.
Is there an Esperanto keyboard app/plug-in I can use?
Thanks in advance.
Please read the thread Tajpado en Esperanto per Android.

My suggestion for Android is

EmilioVdf (Покажи профила) 08 юни 2017, 04:30:57

I have the same problem as Arubino (20170506, 23:18:07). I've a PC with Linux. Only when I try again the exercise it's not working, nor with x nor with ^.
Mi havas la saman problemon kiel Arubino. Nur kiam mi ripetas la ekzercon mi havas problemon tajpi ĉ, ĝ, kaj tiel plu...

MiMalamasLaAnglan (Покажи профила) 10 юни 2017, 00:44:11

( Tchey ):On my PC i run Linux, and i can easily use ^ + letter to write them all without effort. When i use the option on the website to use letter + x, it's fine too. So i guess it's related to your operating system, not the website itself.
I use Linux too, and I use an Esperanto keyboard layout. It sounds like you're using the Compose Key.

brassica (Покажи профила) 31 август 2017, 09:26:59

The 'x' modification works in the dictionary but not (reliably) in the course (lessons 1,2). I had 1 success & multiple failures that make the course unusable. This for MS Edge browser in W10. Please fix!

skd988 (Покажи профила) 31 август 2017, 10:42:34

Yhea i had that too. I use "tajpi" now, which works everywhere. Lernu has some problems.

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