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de pikapoo, 25 de febrer de 2005

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pikapoo (Mostra el perfil) 25 de febrer de 2005 22.59.06

how long did it take you to learn esperanto?

kavipatro (Mostra el perfil) 6 de juny de 2005 5.01.32

How well?

Well enough to swear? Well enough to ask for directions? Well enough to write little notes to other lernu users?

sarcasmdude1292 (Mostra el perfil) 25 d’agost de 2005 17.20.56

It takes different people different amounts of time.  Some can master it after only a few weeks of studying.  I myself have been studying Esperanto for a few months now and have acheived a good proficeincy of the language.  Note: My study plan for esperanto is not very intense, mostly only when i have free time.  One of my problems has been correlitives.

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