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Restart the course La teorio Nakamura

de pateraggelos, 30 d’abril de 2020

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pateraggelos (Mostra el perfil) 30 d’abril de 2020 11.43.08

Saluton, amikoj!

I started this course "La teorio Nakamura" many years ago, but I only finished the three first chapters. I would like to restart again without creating a new account. Is that possible? How can I do it?


Metsis (Mostra el perfil) 30 d’abril de 2020 18.43.44

Just retake from the beginning.

pateraggelos (Mostra el perfil) 30 d’abril de 2020 20.33.44

Metsis:Just retake from the beginning.
I mean, I want to restart with no progress on it. If I try to retake it, the answers are there!

Metsis (Mostra el perfil) 1 de maig de 2020 9.26.44

Well, they are, You're right, there is no way to reset IFAIK. If you really want to, create a new account, but there is actually no need, because your score isn't visible anywhere, it's only for you yourself.

kikoo_loool (Mostra el perfil) 1 de maig de 2020 12.42.25

Same problem... what a shame malgajo.gif

Metsis (Mostra el perfil) 2 de maig de 2020 9.04.49

Restarting the course is a FAQ, but I've always wondered why people want to do. The results are private, you learn only for yourself, so why would it matter?

Vestitor (Mostra el perfil) 25 de maig de 2020 20.27.32

Well the fellow said he started it years ago and wants to start again anew. Having the answers there in the first 3 chapters is hardly conducive to learning is it?!

pstudier (Mostra el perfil) 3 de juny de 2020 4.12.17

If you started this course many years ago, then you are a different person now. You can't cross the same river twice. Why not make a new account?

ecmasonjr (Mostra el perfil) 20 de juny de 2020 12.11.04

I would like to review without the answers as well. In my opinion this is a serious weakness in the course, one should be able to go back to review, including re-answering the exercises. For many of us this promotes retention. Should I need to make six new accounts if I wish to review the lesson six times in the future? It should be obvious that this is not a good solution.

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