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Writing Esperanto

od uživatele 240-843-895 ze dne 12. srpna 2005

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240-843-895 (Ukázat profil) 12. srpna 2005 20:13:14

It's obvious that you write Esperanto with the Roman alphabet. But, can you write it in other scripts? Like Greek, Cyrillic, Kanji, Kana, etc.?

240-843-895 (Ukázat profil) 21. srpna 2005 7:33:10


trojo (Ukázat profil) 22. srpna 2005 2:35:37

I believe that students of Esperanto must all also learn Esperanto's alphabet, regardless of what alphabet their native language happens to use. Having a writing system in common is just as important for the purpose of international intercommunication as having a spoken language in common, obviously.

And not all of the world's writing systems are capable of representing the sounds and sound combinations of Esperanto anyway. How would one spell kvar in the Japanese writing system for example? How would one spell iliaj or ĉie in Hebrew?

Mi kredas, ke ĉiuj lernantoj de Esperanto devas ankaŭ lerni la alfabeton de Esperanto, malgraŭ kiun ajn alfabeton ilia gepatra lingvo uzas. Evidente, havi skribsistemon komunan estas tiel grave kiel havi parolan lingvon komunan por la celo de internacia interkomunikado.

Kaj ĉiukaze, ne ĉiuj skribsistemoj de la mondo povas signifi la sonojn kaj sonkombinaĵojn de Esperanto. Kiel oni literumus la vorton "kvar" en la Japana skribsistemo ekzemple? Kiel oni literumus la vortojn "iliaj" kaj "ĉie" Hebree?

piteredfan (Ukázat profil) 23. srpna 2005 0:10:35

Esperanto uses a modified Latin alphabet. Of the other alphabets, Cyrillic seems to offer some advantages, having separate sybols for c and ĉ, s and ŝ, j and ĵ, but I don't know whether it has ĝ, h, and ŭ.

Zamenhof first wrote in Russian. Did he ever consider using Cyrillic script rather than Latin?

I'm a bit more familiar with Greek. It is unsuitable because it has only eighteen consonants, of which theta and psi sre not used in Esperanto. The superscipted letters are missing. Beta is b or v. Gamma is g or j.



240-843-895 (Ukázat profil) 23. srpna 2005 0:13:54

Cyrillic I'm sure has all the sounds of Esperanto.

logixoul (Ukázat profil) 24. srpna 2005 12:03:10

I prepared a cyrillic-esperanto table. It corresponds to the use of the characters in my language, Bulgarian. Other languages using the cyrillic alphabet may have different phoneme-grapheme relationships.

a а

b б

c ц

ĉ ч

d д

e е

f ф

g г

ĝ дж

h no_equivalent

ĥ х

i и

j й

ĵ ж

k к

l л

m м

n н

o о

p п

r р

s с

ŝ ш

t т

u у

ŭ no_equivalent

v в

z з


But what's the point in it? I thought the goal was unification of comunication, not allowing everybody to write in his native tongue's alphabet... no?

sarcasmdude1292 (Ukázat profil) 25. srpna 2005 17:14:34

If everyone only wrote in his/her own alphabet, that would mean that anyone wanting to communicate would have to learn a multitude of new (alphabets, not very efficient.) part in parentheses was editted 

logixoul (Ukázat profil) 25. srpna 2005 20:03:10

sarcasmdude1292 skribis:

If everyone only wrote in his/her own alphabet, that would mean that anyone wanting to communicate would have to learn a multitude of new languages.


240-843-895 (Ukázat profil) 26. srpna 2005 8:12:27

Okay, but is there Esperanto shorthand...?

logixoul (Ukázat profil) 26. srpna 2005 9:27:18

One could use any shorthand to write Esperanto. Obviously the X-system could be used for that. But, to my knowledge, there is no standard E-o shorthand currently.

Oni povas uzi io steno por skribi Esperanto. Evidente la X-sistemo povas uzigas por tio. Sed, en mia scio, ne estas norma E-o steno nun.

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