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Java CHAT doesnt work corectly with best browser: Mozilla Firefox 1.0

af marvel, 5. dec. 2004

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Sprog: English

marvel (Vise profilen) 5. dec. 2004 23.58.59

skkpharm (Vise profilen) 10. feb. 2005 11.40.30

Sometimes I use macintosh computer. And then I notice that www.lernu.net is not working perfectly as the same way in mac as in the MS Windows. I think it should be fixed.

KinkoBlast (Vise profilen) 14. maj 2005 11.40.14

KinkoBlast (Vise profilen) 14. maj 2005 11.44.25

Alrighty then! aparently the forms are REALY messed up! I don't feel like retypeing my whole message, but whatever. I'll sumerize:

Does it work in other Gecko browsers(Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Camino...)

JulianneC (Vise profilen) 15. maj 2005 01.44.38

Maverynthia (Vise profilen) 4. nov. 2005 11.34.09

Java Chat AND this Message board doesn't work with lernu...which is kinda sad since my college switch to Firefox only on their classroom computers....

viking_rollo (Vise profilen) 4. nov. 2005 11.56.26

Try this URI for Java CHAT



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