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Sites like Lernu! for learning other languages?

af FantasiesOfTomorrow, 22. jan. 2019

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FantasiesOfTomorrow (Vise profilen) 22. jan. 2019 05.39.27

I really like Lernu's method of teaching Esperanto—through stories followed by questions about the story—and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other websites that use a similar technique for teaching other languages.

Metsis (Vise profilen) 22. jan. 2019 14.09.11

I think La teorio Nakamura is very E-o based, i.e. you can't easily have equally complex story in other languages without having a lot of accompanying grammar lessons. That's why we have something like the soap opera ¿Que hora es? ridego.gif

Urho (Vise profilen) 22. jan. 2019 15.22.43

See a page Team at lernu!

nikhil (Vise profilen) 12. feb. 2019 09.42.02

Yes, there are many

https://deutsch.info (For German)
https://russky.info ( For Russian )
https://slovake.eu/en (For Slovakian)
https://mluvtecesky.net/en (For Czech)

Ploppsy32 (Vise profilen) 28. dec. 2019 19.01.53

Is there one for Spanish?

Zam_franca (Vise profilen) 29. dec. 2019 09.37.33

Ploppsy32:Is there one for Spanish?
No, I don't think so.

Metsis:That's why we have something like the soap opera ¿Que hora es?
Aĥ, mi konas tiun ĉi videon!

Jo3 (Vise profilen) 22. jan. 2021 02.47.30

Yeah I'm looking for one but for afrikaans

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