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Lingua Franca Nova (LFN) anyone?

af k2attack, 6. aug. 2019

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k2attack (Vise profilen) 6. aug. 2019 08.16.15

I know Esperanto is a great language but have you heard of Lingua Franca Nova? Please don't say "Another Romance-based conlang!" or "Another Interlingua clone!".

LFN is a relatively recent conlang (first presented in 1998). Its vocabulary is based on Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian etc.) and it has a creole/pidgin like (or Chinese like) grammar. You can say LFN is like a hybrid between Esperanto and Toki Pona! LFN has a beautiful sound!

The verbs (and other words) rarely change form, there is very little inflection (e.g. there is no accusative case) and there is a word order.

Unlike Interlingua, LFN doesn't go too far in the direction of naturalism (Interlingua has irregular spelling, irregular verbs etc.).

Wikipedia article

Tell me what you think.

thyrolf (Vise profilen) 6. aug. 2019 15.06.14

I esplored LFN some time, also a number of other languages. In consequence i'm not very fond of spending the time to learn another language similar to Esperanto in a certain degree. In the moment I'm learning french and italian, and if ever, i would learn a planned language totally other than Esperanto, f.e. toki pona or lojban. Or another language like turkish.

bartlett22183 (Vise profilen) 8. aug. 2019 18.19.21

It depends on what you want to learn a language for. If you want to learn LFN as a hobby or similar interest, go for it. If you want to learn it with the idea that it will become a (or the) widely used international auxiliary language, I am skeptical of its chances, even though it has some likable features. The prospects of any new IAL taking over are slim to none in my estimation, especially in the face of the juggernaut of global English.

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