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af a.rahman, 12. dec. 2008

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a.rahman (Vise profilen) 12. dec. 2008 21.16.05

I found these words that all mean "thinker":


Which word means the one who does the thinking as a profession or hobby such as philosophers and writers?
Which word means anyone who can think, to distinguish him/her from a stupid person or an animal?
Which word means just any thoughtful person?

Miland (Vise profilen) 12. dec. 2008 22.03.58

Please post your message on the English speaking forum.

Bonvolu poŝti vian mesaĝon sur la angla-parolanta forumo.

Miland (Vise profilen) 12. dec. 2008 22.06.39

Vidu privatan mesaĝon.

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