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Do you support Riism?

von logixoul, 27. August 2005

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r_chappetta (Profil anzeigen) 26. Februar 2006 21:01:26

I have never been under the impression that Esperanto was supposed to be a perfect language, instead I believe that it is a *mostly* regular language used to facilitate comunication. I don't think that the pronoun ri would help such a language.  For communication, I think it helps to be able to say he or she for specification, and as discussed, there are ways to degenderise pronouns. As for nouns with gender, there do not seem to be many which actually hint that the root is male.  Exceptions include avo, patro, edzo, onklo etc.  I do not feel that nouns like doktoro, instruisto, amiko, studento etc. need the -in suffix. 

As for a plural for vi, i use vij. 

Prestonator (Profil anzeigen) 28. Februar 2006 16:54:21

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