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Sites like Lernu! for learning other languages?

von FantasiesOfTomorrow, 22. Januar 2019

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FantasiesOfTomorrow (Profil anzeigen) 22. Januar 2019 05:39:27

I really like Lernu's method of teaching Esperanto—through stories followed by questions about the story—and I was wondering if anyone knew of any other websites that use a similar technique for teaching other languages.

Metsis (Profil anzeigen) 22. Januar 2019 14:09:11

I think La teorio Nakamura is very E-o based, i.e. you can't easily have equally complex story in other languages without having a lot of accompanying grammar lessons. That's why we have something like the soap opera ¿Que hora es? ridego.gif

Urho (Profil anzeigen) 22. Januar 2019 15:22:43

See a page Team at lernu!

nikhil (Profil anzeigen) 12. Februar 2019 09:42:02

Yes, there are many

https://deutsch.info (For German)
https://russky.info ( For Russian )
https://slovake.eu/en (For Slovakian)
https://mluvtecesky.net/en (For Czech)

Ploppsy32 (Profil anzeigen) 28. Dezember 2019 19:01:53

Is there one for Spanish?

Zam_franca (Profil anzeigen) 29. Dezember 2019 09:37:33

Ploppsy32:Is there one for Spanish?
No, I don't think so.

Metsis:That's why we have something like the soap opera ¿Que hora es?
Aĥ, mi konas tiun ĉi videon!

Jo3 (Profil anzeigen) 22. Januar 2021 02:47:30

Yeah I'm looking for one but for afrikaans

Nala_Cat15 (Profil anzeigen) 8. März 2021 20:20:18

Reddit taŭgas .... estas multaj helpemuloj tie

drlarryaustin (Profil anzeigen) 6. April 2021 05:07:05

I have never seen another language site quite like Lernu.net, but you can go to Duolingo.com and learn other languages there. Duolingo is just like playing a game, but where you can also learn other languages. I would also like to see other Websites with teaching strategies similar to Lernu; the story was very interesting and made me want to keep going to see what was going to happen next.

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