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von a.rahman, 12. Dezember 2008

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Sprache: Esperanto

a.rahman (Profil anzeigen) 12. Dezember 2008 21:16:05

I found these words that all mean "thinker":


Which word means the one who does the thinking as a profession or hobby such as philosophers and writers?
Which word means anyone who can think, to distinguish him/her from a stupid person or an animal?
Which word means just any thoughtful person?

Miland (Profil anzeigen) 12. Dezember 2008 22:03:58

Please post your message on the English speaking forum.

Bonvolu poŝti vian mesaĝon sur la angla-parolanta forumo.

Miland (Profil anzeigen) 12. Dezember 2008 22:06:39

Vidu privatan mesaĝon.

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