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Conference chat

von tigra, 15. Januar 2007

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tigra (Profil anzeigen) 15. Januar 2007 23:17:45

Conference-chat for all who study Esperanto
I would like to invite all of you to join our Google Talk chat room.

Just add ni.parolas.esperante@gmail.com to your friends list.

The chat room was created for people who either...

...are esperantistoj (or at least their great-grandmamma was okulumo.gif
...speak the language (know a word or two)
...like the language
...OR anyone else who would find this chat interesting enough to join

languages: try to keep it in Esperanto or English please, so that most of us would understand!

pastorant (Profil anzeigen) 16. Januar 2007 02:57:33

Mi almetis vin al "Google Talk"

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