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someone to TALK to!

von tiberius, 26. August 2004

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tiberius (Profil anzeigen) 26. August 2004 22:42:52

I despretly need someone to talk to en esperanto! there aren't many Esperantists in Houston, and all my attempts to browbeat my friends/family into learning it have failed. As you all know, there is no substitute for good old face-to-face conversation when it comes to learning a language, and that's the one thing the net cannot provide!

lernfran (Profil anzeigen) 2. September 2004 21:33:22

I understand there is a functioning Esperanto group in Houston -- find out more by subscribing to their mailing list via
Houston_Esperantists-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

Machjo (Profil anzeigen) 18. November 2004 06:30:16

I actually learnt Esperanto entirely on my own with nothing but books.  Only about two years later did I actually have the opportunity to meet with Esperantists, and because the spoken and written language are the same, I'd effectively become fluent in 20 to 30 minutes.  Amazing language, this Esperanto!

Razeno (Profil anzeigen) 31. Januar 2005 15:40:16

I agree !!!

I was also surprised when I learned it


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