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Alandinsuloj Meaning.

de sd13890, 2005-novembro-09

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sd13890 (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 03:03:53

sd13890 (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 03:04:32

sd13890 (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 03:05:41

Stupid Bug ><
Does anyone know what Alandinsuloj means in english? My computer displays the first letter as ?.

Esben87 (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 16:26:54

I'm not really sure about that. I don't know what Alando is. I know that insulo is an island.

It can't be peninsula as that's duoninsulo. Maybe alando is the name of a group of islands...

SteveyDevey (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 19:49:45

A group of islands is sometimes called an archipeligo. That could be the meaning, but I'm as lost as you.

sd13890 (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-09 22:36:27

I think it's either the name of some Islands or maybe "Achipelago".... however, thats insularo, arkipelago, and arĥipelago..... maybe theres more than 3 words for it.... anyways, I'll check from time to time on this board to see if anyone knows. o_o

adiaŭ por hodiaŭ

trojo (Montri la profilon) 2005-novembro-10 19:17:42

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