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Would you like to teach English and Esperanto in China?

de Machjo, 2005-majo-22

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Machjo (Montri la profilon) 2005-majo-22 15:12:33

If so, and you have completed your compulsory education, possess native-like fluency in English, and a good level of fluency in Esperanto, I might be able to help you.  Usually the minimum requirement is a TESOL certificate, with a bachelors or post-graduate degree being preferable.  Due to a shortage of qualified teachers in China, some schools are sometimes prepared to teach the teachers themselves.  You can also find more in formation at:


If interested, please let me know by e-mailing me at:

You can also find more information about me at:


spirita (Montri la profilon) 2005-decembro-15 09:58:11

oh really? willing

Senlando (Montri la profilon) 2006-januaro-26 20:00:32

awsome. i always wanted to visit china. it would be a perfect job for me because grew up in taiwan and so i already speak mandrain. my parents are canadian and so i speak english as a native speaker. also, from the age of 12-18 i taught english as a second language to some taiwanese students. i've been to busy to study esperanto latly but this summer i am going to the clagary esperanto center to learn it fluently.

my only question is what are the educational requierments to at your school, or in china?


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