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How to make from state a national?

de Metsis, 2019-aŭgusto-19

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Metsis (Montri la profilon) 2019-aŭgusto-19 07:33:47

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2006chansey:Hello Esperanto speakers,
I am quiet confused about how to make from state (France, Great Britain) a national (national of a country)
Zamenhof had a couple of brainfart moments and landnomoj kaj landanoj is one of them. This has been discussed ad infinitum on various E-o forums, incl. this Lernu. One of the efforts to clarify the situation is a work with the title Konciza klarigo pri la landonomoj en Esperanto kun kompleta listo de landoj kaj landanoj by Anna Löwenstein (a known Esperanto author). In that work she explains how the current system works.

Having said that I have to reveal, that she completely misses the question how to distinguish between citizenship, nationality and ethnic group. I suspect, that she does that on purpose, because it is a minefield. Under the current system the only secure and unambiguous way to denote citizenship, nationality is by ŝtatano/civitano de… All other words (like franco, brito) are open to interpretation, whether they concern nationality or ethnic group.

There are some proposals to remedy the situation by using the suffix -ano to always denote nationality (e.g. franc(i)ano, brit(i)ano) and leave all other names for ethnic groups. This system would work surprisingly well and is already in place for the majority of the countries (those in the category 1). It only takes that some Europeans and Asians humble themselves.

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