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de pikapoo, 25 février 2005

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pikapoo (Voir le profil) 25 février 2005 22:59:06

how long did it take you to learn esperanto?

kavipatro (Voir le profil) 6 juin 2005 05:01:32

How well?

Well enough to swear? Well enough to ask for directions? Well enough to write little notes to other lernu users?

sarcasmdude1292 (Voir le profil) 25 août 2005 17:20:56

It takes different people different amounts of time.  Some can master it after only a few weeks of studying.  I myself have been studying Esperanto for a few months now and have acheived a good proficeincy of the language.  Note: My study plan for esperanto is not very intense, mostly only when i have free time.  One of my problems has been correlitives.

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