Struggling with listening comprehension

od LegionOfTom, 25. rujna 2016.

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Jezik: English

Katzedecimal (Prikaz profila) 21. listopada 2016. 02:44:30

I started making listening comprehension progress a different way. I started with listening for the parts of the language, listening for -o nouns, -a adjectives, present tense verbs, past tense verbs, etc. Pretty soon I was hearing words and able to identify the patterns in the sentences. Once I had a feel for the language, I started listening for words that I knew. Next, I started listening for the gist of the message, just trying to get a feel for what was being talked about. Pretty soon, I was comprehending, by which I mean getting more than just the gist but still needing to think about the meaning and maybe translate a bit. However, after a while, I was listening to the "Pasporto Al La Tuta Mondo" videos on Youtube and I realized I was understanding them - grasping the full meaning, understanding the words as readily as English, rarely needing to translate in my head. Then I had listening comprehension.

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