Error on the Grammar page

od nicksugar1, 26. prosinca 2020.

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Jezik: English

nicksugar1 (Prikaz profila) 26. prosinca 2020. 23:38:47

Under Grammar section 3. Pronunciation. Consonants. The very last consonant in the table “Ū” the description column reads “like oo in moose”.

Shouldn’t it read “like w in water”? Or something similar?

nornen (Prikaz profila) 27. prosinca 2020. 03:54:15

You are right. It is pronounced like w in "how".

nicksugar1 (Prikaz profila) 27. prosinca 2020. 23:53:41

nornen:You are right. It is pronounced like w in "how".
If you are best buddies with the Developers ask them to fix it ridulo.gif it should only take a min to fix. If Lernu was open source I would jump in and fix myself and make a pull requestridulo.gif But it shouldn’t be difficult either way to fix.

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