Esperanto and the OLPC

od Fajro, 26. listopada 2006.

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Fajro (Prikaz profila) 26. listopada 2006. 05:40:40

Rope (Prikaz profila) 26. listopada 2006. 07:34:35

Fajro:An interesting article:
Esperanto in the Children's Machine?

In Wikipedia: One Laptop_per Child

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"An interesting article"

Ah, another one who thinks English will dominate all languages, I sometimes feel sorry that I am English.

Language use changes with the economy and global voice of the powers using it. It may well be Mandarin in a few years that has the loudest voice.

I do not yet speak Eo, but I can see and preach the benefits of it's use.

Maybe the author of the article was ridiculed when learning a language so all other languages are taboo. malgajo.gif

Novico Dektri (Prikaz profila) 26. listopada 2006. 13:07:41

I completely disagree with that article. The author came across as pompous and rude. However, the comments on "Digg it" were wonderful, and I took great pleasure in watching the ignorant fool who posted there about Esperanto being a "bad joke" having his claims disproved.

Kaj parateze, se OPLC komputilprogramo en Esperanto ja realigxos, mi certe acxetos gxin, kaj petas aliajn fari la saman.

Gxis kaj dankon pro la interesegaj artikoloj,


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