Using La Sankta Biblio to learn Esperanto

od Starkman, 11. svibnja 2010.

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Nephihaha (Prikaz profila) 24. prosinca 2020. 23:09:52

This is a good thread, makes a change for people to be discussing this subject in a civilised manner.

I think it almost goes without saying some parts of the Bible are worth dipping into more than others. I won't head straight for Leviticus for example or the more legalistic parts of the Epistles. I also find Mark easier to read than Luke. I've noticed this is the case in other language. Luke's opening chapters seem to use complex language and when I tried to read it in more poor Esperanto I just kept going for the dictionary.

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Testudo2 (Prikaz profila) 13. ožujka 2021. 00:36:14

erinja:Parallel texts are a great way to learn.

Another option of parallel text is:

Esperanto translation of Epsilon Theory

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