Old courses?

Katzedecimal-tól, 2016. július 24.

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bcom11 (Profil megtekintése) 2018. június 5. 0:09:24

I think Lernu dropped the ball deleting all the old courses from the site such as Bildoj kaj demandoj. I've searched through a few threads and see I'm not the first asking about this.

Lazaro_Manolo (Profil megtekintése) 2018. június 8. 22:15:29

Can anyone tell me what happened to LERNU? I heard it had messaging, real time chat, and lots of courses. But now there's only one course, no messaging, and no online chatting. I've seen a lot of posts about people wondering where to find the old stuff, but nobody's explained why the old stuff is removed in the first place. Thanks!

cris_alojado (Profil megtekintése) 2018. július 3. 20:14:48

Is there a reference grammar of Esperanto in English?

Metsis (Profil megtekintése) 2018. július 4. 8:33:28

Hmm, would English-Esperanto-English Dictionary (2010 Edition) by J. Wells do?

But if you're a komencanto, I strongly recommend taking a course using E-o itself to teach (e.g. La teorio de Nakamura here in Lernu) or using your native language to avoid "English-coloured glasses". Finally the ultimate source of E-o grammar in E-o is Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko, but it requires rather high skill level.


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