The letters do not change???

PrettyJade-tól, 2016. szeptember 26.

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Tenaj (Profil megtekintése) 2017. október 1. 16:35:10

I am using a Mac computer with the chrome browser and I cannot get the characters to change using a x.

mbmsv (Profil megtekintése) 2017. október 24. 4:41:04

Hi! Has this problem been resolved? It doesn't work for me either in 2017 while in the 2nd lesson.
I am running the app under Android and the language is set to Russian.


EmilioVdf (Profil megtekintése) 2017. október 25. 2:35:09

When I did the exercises, I used the dictionary sometimes and copied the text and then paste it into the exercise. Typing in the dictionary, the x-method worked.

kevin1953 (Profil megtekintése) 2017. november 17. 20:29:07

I'm using Linux Mint and I added the keyboard layout for Esperanto. When I scrolled down the language menu,
I selected "Esperanto" and applied it and saved.
On my language icon it was indicated as "br - Portuguese (Brazil nativo for Esperanto).
Using this so-called "Esperanto" layout I managed to get Ĉ Ĝ and Ŝ but not JX.
Does anyone here know anything about this? Where can I get a genuine Esperanto keyboard app?

AndyMallory91 (Profil megtekintése) 2018. február 7. 17:50:14

Let me test it here... gx ux jx cx sx and the arrow is green. Am I doing it wrong?

Roch (Profil megtekintése) 2018. február 8. 7:44:06


Yes, first, make sure that your cursor is in the posting area, then click on the x·^ button, then come back to write your hatted letter ĝ

you can also do it with alt+2 on this message board...

TonLove69 (Profil megtekintése) 2018. március 8. 8:09:45

same as me. Sometimes the work is sometimes not.

สมัคร gclub

Terrella (Profil megtekintése) 2018. december 29. 6:26:49

I am having the same problem on an android tablet. The esperanto soft-keyboard doesn't always work either, but it worked fine for the first lessons. In the "Away we go" exercises neither of them work so I am unable to successully complete the exercises.

Urho (Profil megtekintése) 2018. december 29. 17:50:47

See also this thread.

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