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Celib8-tól, 2018. június 19.

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Celib8 (Profil megtekintése) 2018. június 19. 19:40:36

Is there a means to restart the entire course here? I was learning Esperanto via this site a couple years ago, though stopped and now want to learn again. I'd like to be able to restart the course, rather than just review all my answers (even with clicking "try again", it still leaves my answers there, so I'd need to erase and rewrite my answers).

Ashas (Profil megtekintése) 2018. június 20. 9:54:02

Absolutely the same problem!

randomlinguist (Profil megtekintése) 2018. július 16. 11:22:53

I want to restart too.

eZentric (Profil megtekintése) 2018. július 24. 15:39:38

There is NO restart.
Pain is defined by wanting something to be different from what in actual reality it is.

Let go of your "attachment" onto your "old" account ... or just "park" it temporally.

Create a new account just for that one purpose of re-starting from the beginning, and when you then reach the same point that you let off previously, you'll have the choice of keeping the "new" account OR ... resuming your "old" one.

Let the cat be dead.
Open another box
Let the cat be alive.
... or not


Kollinleee (Profil megtekintése) 2018. augusztus 22. 11:59:24

try to register another account.

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