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Esperanto class in Oklahoma City starting September 8th

dari Trilernisto, 29 Agustus 2019

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Trilernisto (Tunjukkan profil) 29 Agustus 2019 01.56.36

Hello everyone,

There will be the first public Esperanto class since 1942 in Oklahoma City at the Capitol Hill Public Library. It will be held in English and Spanish.
More details here.

Trilernisto (Tunjukkan profil) 8 September 2019 22.29.21

News form the first day:

Seven people expressed interest. Two were unable to attend, and two more dropped out when they realized it was not a Spanish class. The class started with two people, with one more joining a few minutes later.

We practiced the alphabet and used sentences written by the students to show how Esperanto works. The three students who stayed through the class said that they were excited to come next week.

Advice for those interested in starting a class:

Public libraries are an excellent place to teach Esperanto. Most have dedicated spaces for conferences. If you can colaborate with the library so that the class is a library program, using the space will likely be free. Many libraries also have study rooms that can be used for free if it is not possible to work directly with the library itself.

It is very important to have class materials ready for them before the class starts. Up to a certain point, the more prepared you are, the faster the class will advance.

If you have been thinking about starting a class, there is no time like the present. Also be willing to face failure. Before this class, I had two that failed. The internet is useful, but there are still many people who would prefer to learn the language in a more academic setting. Bonŝancon!

MiMalamasLaAnglan (Tunjukkan profil) 14 September 2019 19.49.38

I hope that more events like that will start happening. I also hope that everyone who is involved does the Promise Project (

Mi esperas, ke komencos okazi pli da tiaj okazaĵoj. Mi esperas ankaŭ, ke ĉiuj, kiuj partoprenas, faras la Promesan Projekton (

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