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Mi estas komencanto. asistado! Word Lists!

dari sudadelto, 2 September 2009

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Bahasa: Esperanto

sudadelto (Tunjukkan profil) 2 September 2009 14.44.31

Please answer in English. I've only done two-three lessons and don't know much yet. I'm wondering: under the word and phrase lists, is there any way to hear those. So, far it looks like all I can do is practice the writing and translating of them, but I would like to know how they sound as well.
Please help me with this.

Thank you!!!!

R2D2! (Tunjukkan profil) 2 September 2009 14.58.17

sudadelto:Please answer in English.
Ask in the English forum
Demandu en la anglalingva forumo

horsto (Tunjukkan profil) 2 September 2009 15.19.10

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