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Multilingual RPG Game Development tool

dari bitterbug, 6 Februari 2010

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bitterbug (Tunjukkan profil) 24 Februari 2010 19.49.18

Yes, you could do a Zelda-esque style game. Some people have even come up with tricks for making side scrolling platformers using the existing scripting.

Presently I'm fiddling with a similar project, trying to translate Inform 7 language definition files into Esperanto. It is slow-going.
Inform7 is amazing. I downloaded it a few months ago and haven't really put any time into it, but I've played with a few of the tutorials and it's a powerful tool.

I imagine there's a lot of data to translate. But you can't really find a better game platform for communication ridulo.gif

Grorinz (Tunjukkan profil) 20 Mei 2020 03.05.14

This is an extremely interesting idea, but I prefer to use the Unity engine, which has long since outgrown the "indie development engine"brand. It has a wide functionality and is available to everyone.

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