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Sevish, 2020 m. sausis 25 d.

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Sevish (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. sausis 25 d. 10:25:12

When reading Gerda Malaperis or La Teorio Nakamura on lernu.net, you can click any word to bring up a translation from Esperanto to your own language. This is no longer working for me. The function doesn't recognise any Esperanto words now. If I click an English word, it will be translated in to Esperanto. Does anybody know if there is a way to get this function to behave in the same way it did before?

Many thanks.

(Sorry for using English, my Esperanto isn't there yet ridulo.gif)

Zam_franca (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. sausis 25 d. 11:51:39


Do not worry : just click on your dictionnary, and put Esperanto --> English instead of English --> Esperanto. I think your problem will end.

Metsis (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. sausis 26 d. 09:08:14

Warning! What Lernu has is a word-list, not a dictionary with case governments nor with examples of how to use – and sometimes the suggestions are ,eh, slightly off. Having said that it is a handy starting point, but do check the meaning and usage for instance in PIV.

Sevish (Rodyti profilį) 2020 m. sausis 26 d. 13:27:43

Dankon! It's working now as before. ridulo.gif

The online word list is very helpful to get a quick understanding of a new word. It's one of the reasons this website is a joy to use.

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