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Lernu t-shirts

fra erinja,2007 1 16

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Språk: English

Novico Dektri (Å vise profilen) 2007 1 20 08:31:06

Okay then, what about this:

On the front:

"Mi vivas verde
... kio pri vi?"

And on the back:

" www.lernu.net
La ejo en kiu Esperanto
estas parolata..."

awake (Å vise profilen) 2007 1 20 14:19:42

I think the "for a good time" idea is the cutest one yet. It's playful with just the slightest hint of being risque. I don't see what's wrong with an english centric shirt. Perhaps someone could post in the other national language forums to see if there is a similar idiom (or similarly cute ones).

LOL I like the "for a good time" idea, though I wonder if it only comes out that funny in English. Somehow "Por bona tempo, iru al www.lernu.net" doesn't sound that funny.
That was a fear of mine, thought I thought I would "Run it up the flag-pole and see if it flew" to use something else in English that won't translate well.

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