Esperanto text-to-speech, updated

od jonsd, 3 lutego 2007

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jonsd (Pokaż profil) 3 lutego 2007, 11:55:46

I've made some changes (improvements ?) based on the comments. Version 1.19.02 is at: http://espeak.sourceforge.net/test/latest.html
Use the "eo" voice.
1. Final syllables are slightly longer.
2. Diphthongs (aj, ej, etc) are slightly longer.
3. More pauses before certain words.
4. Slight change to 'o' to make it clearer.
5. 'a' was previously made more lax in unstressed syllables (I was told this was good for Italian). Now 'a' is the same in all syllables.
Any feedback to help improve the Esperanto voice (or any of the other voices) are welcome. Perhaps it can be useful for listening practice.

rbp (Pokaż profil) 12 lutego 2007, 14:29:54

thanks for that Jonathan - it's working well on my Kubuntu machine. I've only used it a bit so far but I think I prefer the rendering to festival.

Kwekubo (Pokaż profil) 12 lutego 2007, 23:40:53

I think it's coming along very well. Could you perhaps make the distinction between different words a little more pronounced when the same vowels are running together? For example, "pagi imposton" sounds more like "pagimposton" at the moment.

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