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boy-o (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 18 Ruhuhuma 2005 04:38:14

Visiting a few webpages, i've noticied something that i have never actually seen taught in esperanto lessons.  Whenever something is in quotes in esperanto, many times the bottom double quotation marks ( „ ) were used at the beginning, and the upper double quotation marks (") were used at the end.  Is this the correct way to display quotes in esperanto?  no one has really said anything about this to me.   I assumed that it was the same as in english and the various other languages that follow the same quotation system.

Dominique (Kwerekana umwidondoro) 24 Ruhuhuma 2005 09:11:37

Take a look at http://steve-and-pattie.com/esperantujo/punct.html.  The punctuation section should answer your question.  The author prefers  the «French quotation marks» and so do I ridulo.gif

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