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Java CHAT doesnt work corectly with best browser: Mozilla Firefox 1.0

de marvel, 5 decembrie 2004

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marvel (Arată profil) 5 decembrie 2004, 23:58:59

skkpharm (Arată profil) 10 februarie 2005, 11:40:30

Sometimes I use macintosh computer. And then I notice that is not working perfectly as the same way in mac as in the MS Windows. I think it should be fixed.

KinkoBlast (Arată profil) 14 mai 2005, 11:40:14

KinkoBlast (Arată profil) 14 mai 2005, 11:44:25

Alrighty then! aparently the forms are REALY messed up! I don't feel like retypeing my whole message, but whatever. I'll sumerize:

Does it work in other Gecko browsers(Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Camino...)

JulianneC (Arată profil) 15 mai 2005, 01:44:38

Maverynthia (Arată profil) 4 noiembrie 2005, 11:34:09

Java Chat AND this Message board doesn't work with lernu...which is kinda sad since my college switch to Firefox only on their classroom computers....

viking_rollo (Arată profil) 4 noiembrie 2005, 11:56:26

Try this URI for Java CHAT


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