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how do you say...

de boy-o, 30 august 2004

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boy-o (Arată profil) 30 august 2004, 01:37:43

how do you say "Sorry" in esperanto.  No matter how many places i look, i can never find this specific word or phrase, which i personally find crucial.

cckitpw (Arată profil) 31 august 2004, 01:36:58

Pardonon, or pardonu min from what I've seen.

neitush (Arată profil) 31 august 2004, 08:27:56

it's right

you (boy-o) look for in the dictionariy?

lernfran (Arată profil) 2 septembrie 2004, 22:06:27

to be sorry is "bedaŭri" in Esperanto.

I am sorry for... = Mi bedaŭras por ...


baqarah131 (Arată profil) 7 mai 2006, 22:23:43

"Pardonu" is what you say when you step on someone's foot.


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