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New Lernu

от Mythos, 5 июня 2005 г.

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Mythos (Показать профиль) 5 июня 2005 г., 22:47:58

I was just wondering if anyone knew when the new look for lernu was going to come out.


SteveyDevey (Показать профиль) 5 ноября 2005 г., 22:38:20

I was wondering about this too. It seems like the development of the site has slowed, or even stopped. What happened to the beautification or the site, or the Lernu online store?

sd13890 (Показать профиль) 9 ноября 2005 г., 3:07:32

wait a second. How long has it been since that was uploaded? I thought it was recent.

SteveyDevey (Показать профиль) 9 ноября 2005 г., 19:42:27

It's been a while now. The '0404' in the address may be a clue to the date (april 4, 2004), but that's just a guess. I'm terrible at trying to remember how long ago events have happened. malgajo.gif