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Esperanto in Transparent Language

от Alkanadi, 15 мая 2016 г.

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lagtendisto (Показать профиль) 16 мая 2016 г., 8:28:23

Evildela:For four years, we had no new faces at our Esperanto events. In the last six months, we've had eight new people rock up with high levels of Esperanto proficiency and three which have showed up semi-regularly.
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salivanto (Показать профиль) 25 июня 2019 г., 13:49:38

If anybody is still wondering, it's certain that the Transparent Language course predates the Duolingo course. No new Esperanto content has been added to the course in reaction to Duolingo. In fact, something like 6 months ago, Transparent has actively divested from Esperanto, although they did allow me to finish updating the WOTD service (on a volunteer basis), and I'm nearly certain the course is still available to anybody who is willing to seek it out and pay for it.

It's actually a decent course - I demoed it a while ago.