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Shaw alphabet

от jean-luc, 11 октября 2006 г.

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jean-luc (Показать профиль) 11 октября 2006 г., 17:15:56

I found an esperanto version of the Shaw alphabet at http://esperanto.us/sxava_alfabeto/, it seem to be not really easy to use (especially for hand writing) but it look really cool.

Kwekubo (Показать профиль) 11 октября 2006 г., 17:30:51

I heard of this before. I suppose you could use it as a shorthand system for taking down notes quickly, but it seems much more useful for non-phonetic languages like English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shavian_alphabet

Although it would take a lot of getting used to!! rideto.gif