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Simple question?

от Sethimothy, 3 февраля 2007 г.

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Sethimothy (Показать профиль) 3 февраля 2007 г., 8:51:59

I'm very new to this language, although it fascinates me greatly. I should probably take studying it more seriously...

My question: How would I give possession of one object to a specific named person (for example, "Mary's book" or "Mark's song"?) For that matter, does Esperanto differentiate between "Object of owner" and "Owner's object?"

Thanks in advance for your time.

RiotNrrd (Показать профиль) 3 февраля 2007 г., 9:48:52

La libro de Mary.
La kanto de Mark.

Esperanto doesn't have the same kind of possessive case as English does.