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Esperanto keyboard on lernu

od Nala_Cat15, 18. decembra 2018

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Nala_Cat15 (Zobraziť profil) 18. decembra 2018 4:02:44

How does the esperanto keyboard work on lernu? I click on the button and it does nothing, and when I use the x method it doesn't seem to work. i'm using a chromebook if that helps.


Urho (Zobraziť profil) 18. decembra 2018 7:00:15

Note a green triangle:
and type: cx Cx gx Gx hx Hx jx Jx sx Sx ux Ux → ĉ Ĉ ĝ Ĝ ĥ Ĥ ĵ Ĵ ŝ Ŝ ŭ Ŭ.

See also this thread (in Esperanto): Pri X-metodo en Lernu!