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differents words for"work" and "labor"

od SEYMOUR, 21. apríla 2005

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SEYMOUR (Zobraziť profil) 21. apríla 2005 20:11:01

I don't know how many of u guys knows the difference between:labor and

work.and these are the same result in all latin descendant language.at least

romance,germanic types defined as follows.

work:any effort physically and or mentally aimed to reach a specified goal.

labor:any physically action aimed to reach a specified goal.

so,as u can see the difference is clear but  it seems nobody pay proper

attention to it.

mi espero ke jes!

mgayoub (Zobraziť profil) 30. mája 2005 5:05:48

Le Hibou (Zobraziť profil) 2. júna 2005 0:32:55