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What do you think about literature?

od Phil_Pigeon, 21. april 2019

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Jezik: English

Phil_Pigeon (Prikaži profil) 21. april 2019 17:02:51

Hello, I'm going to present my graduation work at the end of the school year, but I have to do the practical part. My project is called 'The influence of literature on society'. I would appreciate if you answered some questions. Don't worry, the interview is anonymous. Well,
- Do you like reading books? Why?
- How often do you read?
- What genre do you prefer?
- What period of literature do you like?
- Do you think literature is important? Why?
- Do you think that the experience we get while reading is 'a teacher of life'?
- Have you ever tried to write stories/books/poetry?
Thank you so much! It is really important for me.

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