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is it allow to use it?

од SEYMOUR, 27. јануар 2006.

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SEYMOUR (Погледати профил) 27. јануар 2006. 02.07.48

most of us know in the case of european languages we still use latin phrases likelango.gifer se,pro bono,ect.

my concern is can i use it in esperanto as a backup language without krokodile?

piteredfan (Погледати профил) 02. фебруар 2006. 02.36.51

I couldn't say for sure, but I think the Latinisms would be both confusing and unnecessary. Your examples translate as "by if" and "because of good". Etc translates as "ktp".

If necessary, you could write, for example, "La Granda Ĉarto ('Magna Carta')". 

russ (Погледати профил) 17. јун 2006. 09.29.04

Of course when speaking any language you are "allowed" to quote from other languages. But in practice one rarely hears Latin quotes in Esperanto. It would be unwise to assume that all Esperanto speakers are familiar with Latin phrases like "per se", etc. just because our English speaking culture uses them.

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