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од Sevish, 25. јануар 2020.

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Sevish (Погледати профил) 25. јануар 2020. 10.25.12

When reading Gerda Malaperis or La Teorio Nakamura on lernu.net, you can click any word to bring up a translation from Esperanto to your own language. This is no longer working for me. The function doesn't recognise any Esperanto words now. If I click an English word, it will be translated in to Esperanto. Does anybody know if there is a way to get this function to behave in the same way it did before?

Many thanks.

(Sorry for using English, my Esperanto isn't there yet ridulo.gif)

Zam_franca (Погледати профил) 25. јануар 2020. 11.51.39


Do not worry : just click on your dictionnary, and put Esperanto --> English instead of English --> Esperanto. I think your problem will end.

Metsis (Погледати профил) 26. јануар 2020. 09.08.14

Warning! What Lernu has is a word-list, not a dictionary with case governments nor with examples of how to use – and sometimes the suggestions are ,eh, slightly off. Having said that it is a handy starting point, but do check the meaning and usage for instance in PIV.

Sevish (Погледати профил) 26. јануар 2020. 13.27.43

Dankon! It's working now as before. ridulo.gif

The online word list is very helpful to get a quick understanding of a new word. It's one of the reasons this website is a joy to use.

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