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Help with translation

од Bronxio, 22. јун 2020.

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Bronxio (Погледати профил) 22. јун 2020. 16.33.30

Hi! I need to translate:

Why is my life going by so fast?

I could say kial mia vivo iras tiel rapide?, but I think it's not exactly the same thing. How could I express that life is going by?

Thanks for dropping by! ^-^

Metsis (Погледати профил) 23. јун 2020. 07.22.55

Take a look at the verb preterpasi, which can be used literally as well as figuratively. Here are some Zamenhofaj ekzemploj:
  • Ili preterpasis ŝin je kelke da paŝoj.
  • Multe da pensoj k bildoj preterpasas antaŭ ŝi.
So your question becomes:
  • Kial mia vivo tiel rapide preterpasas?
  • Kial mia vivo preterpasas tiel rapide ?

Bronxio (Погледати профил) 23. јун 2020. 17.16.02

Yes! I knew there was a better verb for that, but didn't have it in mind... Thank you very much, Metsis! ^-^

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