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Hi, I'm new, or "Ack! Help!"

av tophat, 6 maj 2006

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Språk: English

erinja (Visa profilen) 22 september 2006 20:12:27

AGGH! My fiance, who doesn't speak Esperanto, just read this, and asked how would you refer to someone who speaks D'ni(for those of you who don't know, D'ni is the people, and the language, used in the Myst exploration games).

As the construction of the name (D'ni)wouldn't work at all in Esperanto, this is what I've come up with:

dinio-a D'ni person (ethnically D'ni)
ex. Atrus (a major character in the games) estas dinio. (Atrus is D'ni)

dinie-the D'ni language
ex. Atrus lernis la lingvon dinie de lia avino, Tiana (Atrus learned the D'ni language from his grandmother, T'iana)

I think I've just discovered a new way to be a geek...discussing a language from a computer game in Esperanto.

Take that, Klingonistas!

"dinie" would mean "in D'ni". So "Mi parolas dinie" would be "I am speaking in D'ni"

If you wanted to talk about the language itself, that would be "la dinia". So "Atrus lernis la dinian de sia avino, Tiana"

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