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Lesson 5 Problem

av Terrella, 31 december 2018

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Terrella (Visa profilen) 31 december 2018 06:34:33

Lesson 5 Page 3 asks us to "Build the phrases out of the words according to the example." It doesn't matter what answer you put, you will be marked wrong. In the example the words are listed as separate words but when I try to enter the answer it thinks I've only entered one word even though I have entered four words. The give away is the underline! The students are only provided 1 text box for their answer but the system seems to be looking for 1 text box per word. This is also happening on other pages in lesson 5.

It is pointless to continue the course until this is fixed.

vivosenco_kvardekdu (Visa profilen) 1 januari 2019 21:15:48

The answers must be 100% correct, including punctuation. Just some examples:
tio estas lia maŝino.
-- The first letter must be a capital letter.
Tio estas lia masino.
-- s and ŝ are completely different letters (you can type sx to write ŝ)
Tio estas lia maŝino
-- You missed the final "."

And: It may be possible that you have to use the tabulator key instead of the spacebar key for writing down the answer.

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