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work for esperantists?

av lirila, 13 november 2019

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Språk: English

lirila (Visa profilen) 13 november 2019 22:32:33

saluton, mi estas comencanto.
i was wondering if there was any jobs that are especifically for esperantist?

Metsis (Visa profilen) 14 november 2019 09:25:53

I think, that you can divide existing "Esperanto jobs" into two categories. The bigger one is teachers. There are diverse courses running all over the globe, so if you're willing and able to constantly relocate yourself for short (a couple of days) or longer periods (a university semester), you can make some kind of living on them.

There are a handful of companies doing business in and with Esperanto. See IKEF. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, is the one, which created Amikumu.

Of course there are writers and artists, but I don't believe, that any of them has quit their day job and can live with their art. I hope, that I'm wrong at that.

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