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Word order

başlangıç Novico Dektri, 16 Temmuz 2006

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Novico Dektri (Profili görüntüle) 16 Temmuz 2006 14:10:07

In a lot of Esperanto movies/documents, I've heard the descriptive word go after the noun, like "homoj diversaj", but I've also seen "diversaj homoj".

So which is it?

taneli (Profili görüntüle) 16 Temmuz 2006 14:58:48

Both "diversaj homoj" and "homoj diversaj" are correct, but the former is more common.

Esben87 (Profili görüntüle) 26 Temmuz 2006 00:41:13

waxle:Here's one of the great things of Esperanto!

Because of the grammar coding, outside of prepositional phrases, the word order doesn't matter!

One could even say (though it would be terribly awkward and difficult) "La novaj hundojn sxatas homoj amuzajn." (the diverse people like funny dogs). Technically, because of the grammar coding, this is proper gramatically, but it would be terribly difficult to understand. (unless I'm wrong here, in which case somebody negate what I am saying, please!)
Allowed: Yep, it is.
Difficult to understand: No.
Extremely difficult to understand: Yep! If not impossible.
A great thing: Yes indeed! However, this particular case is a bit crazy...

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