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Official Organization of the Esperanto Language

від Daemon, 25 січня 2005 р.

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Daemon (Переглянути профіль) 25 січня 2005 р. 19:16:28

Does Esperanto have an official organization which governs over it. One that controls the grammar and what words are added to it and such. If so, what is it and does it have a website. Also, is there an "official" Esperanto dictionary.

SEYMOUR (Переглянути профіль) 25 січня 2005 р. 22:05:13

jes,gxia nomo u.e.a kaj gxi estas loki en roterdamo.


mateno (Переглянути профіль) 26 січня 2005 р. 19:17:18

the website of UEA: www.uea.org

who controls the grammar and the words: Akademio de Esperanto

(the most) official dictionary of Esperanto: it is called PIV (Plena Ilustrita Vortaro) (and its newest edition is reffered to as NPIV, Nova (New) PIV)

Razeno (Переглянути профіль) 31 січня 2005 р. 15:34:40


it is a nice question. But you should also take it in your mind that Univerasl Esperanto Assocation is not like the dictator of 19th century. It gives you full freedom to go for better options for any new word, provided you can make it asured that the new word will be accpeted by the wide range of eth world community. Every Esperanto dictionnary is official in the term that it provides you to learn and use the language in the easiest method.

Still, there is something called "Fundamento de Espernato" prepared by Dr Zamenhof himself. He in it, made it clear that changes are welcome but you canot deviate yourself from some fundamental points without which Esperanto could be meaningless.




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