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Hi, I'm new here^^

viết bởi Jemina_Kay, Ngày 10 tháng 4 năm 2006

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Jemina_Kay (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 19:05:53 Ngày 10 tháng 4 năm 2006


Hi everyoneokulumo.gif

I'm new here and I want to learn Esperanto because I'm interested in foreign languages. My name is Pascale, I'm an 18-year- old girl form Switzerland.

In school I had the subjects French (six years),

 English (three years)

 and one year of Italian.

And recently I started to learn Esperanto, with the course "Ana Pana" on lernu.net.

I understand, what people mean, if they say Esperanto is easy learnable...If you have  a few knowledge of German, French, English and Italian it is easy.

But somehow it's hard work for me none the less #-#

I think it will take time until I will be able to communicate in Esperanto.

(If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry^-^)

See you soon



Kat (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 19:27:38 Ngày 10 tháng 4 năm 2006

Hi, Pascale!

Well, welcome to lernu!  It's nice to see someone else who likes foreign languages join the board.  I think you will do just fine in Esperanto, especially since your English is very good for someone with only three years of work! 


 -- Katjo

Jemina_Kay (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 20:07:45 Ngày 10 tháng 4 năm 2006

Hi Katokulumo.gif

Thanks!! *blushes* I started English when I was 14-years-old. But in Switzerland school ends at 16. And I had an extra year. So therefore there were only three years of study. After I left school and started my apprenticeship, I only improved my English by reading books and "fanfics"^^and chatting of course.

I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy myself here. And meet many new friends.

gxin baldaux


jifengli (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 10:20:31 Ngày 18 tháng 4 năm 2006

Hello everyone:

   I am new here and I want to study English well.I had already English eight years,but I had only a little ,so I want to learn.

   I am a sunny boy form China   and I am 20-year-old.


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