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Cxu vi sxatas skribi librojn kaj poemojn?

viết bởi Novico Dektri, Ngày 10 tháng 5 năm 2006

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Novico Dektri (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 00:30:48 Ngày 10 tháng 5 năm 2006

Do you like to write stories, or poems? If you have any short stories or poems, I would enjoy reading them.

taneli (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 18:29:23 Ngày 16 tháng 7 năm 2006

Here's a very short poem I once wrote:

Amis korpo proksima.
Oda korbato - vivota brokado.
Amis korpo proksima.

Maybe a couple of explanations about the language are in order, although it's up to the reader to interpret the content. The repeated line should be easy enough to understand with a dictionary, although the word order is somewhat unusual. "Odo" means "ode". "Kor-bato" is a compound word. "Vivota" is admittedly a strange form of "vivi". "Broki" means "to weave brocade".

Extra credit for coming up with one word that explains the strangeness of the poem. okulumo.gif

By the way, in Esperanto "skribi" refers to the physical act of writing and "verki" to the creative process, so "verki librojn" is better than "skribi librojn".

kejos144 (Xem thông tin cá nhân) 12:39:24 Ngày 26 tháng 7 năm 2006

Shouldn't your title be:

Ĉu vi ŝatas skribi librojn poemojn?

Or the "and" into "or" as you translated it into your original post. Including, you can press the sx/ŝ button and it might do the title with the post to de-Xify it.

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